Friday, March 25, 2011

So Long, Farewell!

Because of computer issues, I haven't been able to keep you updated on the events here at Wiggles and Giggles.
So now that those issues have hopefully been resolved, I can do a quick little re-cap of recent events.

First and foremost we regretfully bid our little Danial a farewell goodbye. His family has moved to Wyoming.
For our last field trip we honored his wish by going to the Living Planet Aquarium.
The Aquarium will always be a favored place to visit, and we welcomed any reason for us to return.
Here are a few of the dozens of pics that I took of that outing....

That was such a fun day! The kids still talk about it all the time as I am sure you have noticed!

Our letter for last week was "R".

So we made some noodle Rainbows.

Then we had Rigatoni for lunch....

Leiona really appreciated that!

Kids say the darnedest things!
I asked each one of the kids what words started with the letter"R".
Slade said "Red".
Hailey said "Rainbow"
Danial said "Road"
and last but not least, Carson our resident Genius said without hesitation, RR-Ga-Doid. (which happens to be a "slithery snake" for those of us with far fewer brain cells)

We also had the honor of having a special guest!
This is Baby Nick, we watched him for a friend for a few hours one day.

If he was hoping for some peace and quiet, he didn't get any!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leiona Turns 2!

Happy Birthday Leiona!!!

The littlest member of the Wiggles and Giggles clan is not so little anymore.
Good bye little baby. Hello toddler!
I personally don't believe in the "TERRIBLE TWO'S"!
 In my experience I have found two's delightful!
They're just learning to talk.
They are curious to a fault.
They still like to snuggle.
I just love those aspects of a two year old. Leiona is no different.
She smiles abundantly from ear to ear.
Her eyes sparkle when she is playing contently.
She knows what she likes and wont tolerate what she doesn't.
She wanders from one activity to another, leaving a wake of ciaos behind her.
What I adore about her the most, is her big laugh!
And I melt when she snuggles with me in the "papa bear chair."
Two's are Terrific I say!

Here are a few highlights from her celebration at Wiggles and Giggles...

As excited as she was about those cupcakes sitting on the counter all morning,
she sure got suspicious of them all of a sudden!

The light bulb finally went off in her head....

and the cupcake exploded.......

all over the place!

Obviously not very excited about bath time!

Then she started splashing.....

and then decided that it wasn't too bad!

Clean at last.

All Tuckered out.

Everyday is a party to a two year old!
No wonder they're so much fun!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Safe Kids Fair

Today we had the opportunity to do something Spontaneous. I shook up the routine, and headed out to the Safe Kids Fair.
We got there early enough to actually enjoy it. When we went last year there were soooo many people that I felt stressed out trying to keep track of everyone.
We were even able to do things this year, that we couldn't do last year because of the lines.

We began our adventure at the Face Painting Booth.Luckily there was no line, but by the time we were done the line was huge!

Slade went for the Spiderman look. ( there's a shocker!)
Carson did Batman.
Hailey wanted to be a "Flutterby".

They were so CUTE! I couldn't stop laughing. Each one of them entertained the artists with stories of getting stitches, and faux hawks, and spiderman backpacks. Hailey had let them know that her mom Megan starts with M. For what ever reason, she feels it necessary to share that with anyone willing to listen. I just love it! Never a dull moment with these guys!!!!

Our next little adventure was over at Sammy T. Clown's Balloon Art Booth.

Sammy T. was a very grumpy clown! And a little creepy if you ask me! Someone forgot his Chill Pills!!!!
But in all fairness to Sammy T. he was an excellent Balloon Artist who dazzled us all with his skill! And in no time at all wiped out 2 Little Mermaids, one Spiderman and a Sword.
Good Times!

All in All we spent time with Firemen, Policemen, Dentists, Insurance Salesmen of every kind. and a Vendor for every possible thing under the Golden Sun!

Lets not forget that all those Vendors had some sort of trinket that we just had to add to our little red backpacks we got for committing to wear a seat belt.

I wish you could have seen me! I had to carry everybody's bags. 4 balloon creations, and four more balloons we got from the Orthodontist booth.
And I was still trying to hold everyone's hand at the same time!
Next time we head to the Safe Kids Fair, remind me to bring a wheel barrow!!!!!!

Last stop was the little play ground. It was very irresistible to the children, and very stressful for me. They all went four different directions, but luckily it was a very small playground.

What a fun Day!

One funny thing that I had to mention.
When ever we go any were. Before we even get out of the car. We go over the Safety Rules.
We give everyone a buddy that they have to stay with and hold hands. And I always tell them if they ever get lost, to find another person that is a Mommy and tell her that you need her to call my cell phone number, (written on their hands) and then I will know how to find them.
Well today before we even left, I ran upstairs to grab my phone. When I came down they were all under my kitchen table, holding hands with there heads bowed in prayer. I stoped to listen to this little prayer that my Gracie was saying. She was asking God to help them remember the Safety Rules. Then she explained those rules in detail to God. (Just in case he was not aware of them.)
OMG! I will never forget that scene as long as I live! It was so precious!
It was a sweet reminder that I'll do my best and let God do the rest! He goes ever were we do!

Friday, February 18, 2011

"X" Marks the Spot!

What does the Fridge, Couch, Potted Plant and the Television Set have to do with the letter "X"?
They were all a part of our "X"cellent Treasure Hunt!
I don't know why I haven't thought about doing this before! It was so much fun for them.
At first they struggled just a bit understanding the picture clues, but once they did they ran fast as lightning to find the next one.
I had to get a little clever with the Letter "X". It's not an easy one to do an activity for. Thankfully I had a rare flash of genus when the idea came to do a Treasure Hunt and use the letter for "X" marks the spot.
Carson "Xitedly" displaying his "X" marks the spot Treasure Box.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cabin Fever

Two days ago the weather was so nice that we were outside jumping on the tramp.
Today we woke up with a foot of snow on the ground.

This is the point in the winter season that I look out the window in the morning and sigh real loud.
According to the weather man, it's going to snow everyday for the rest of the week.
 Oh Bother!
I think I got a bad case of Cabin Fever! I am not the only one. The day care kids seem to be crawling out of their skin! The same old four walls are making us all a little crazy, so we bundled up, and headed for a play land adventure.
Carl's Jr. Was the appointed location.
I wonder sometimes what people must be thinking when they see me walking in with all these hyper kids.
For the most part I just think they are glad it's me and not them!
I get some interesting looks though. It's kinda funny!
I am just soooooo glad that there are play lands we can go to when the walls seem to be closing in on us!

The kids go crazy! They run and climb and jump and scream. They just let loose!
They start acting more like themselves and less like grumpy bears.

Usually we have it all to ourselves so I don't have to worry about being responsible for bursting some one's eardrums with our noise!
Here are some pics of our little play land outing.....

Finally! A place to get all our Wiggles and Giggles out.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

In Celebration of Ze Luv Day.  We gave the ones we love a "Heart Attack".

Did you enjoy your surprise?

I was quite surprised by how much the kids got into it.
They were laughing and jumping with excitement.
Every time we pulled into a driveway, the kids just couldn't wait to get out and start smearing the doors with LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
They really had a lot of fun.
I personally thought they might find it boring. But heck no! They even wanted to give Hart Attacks to my neighbors.
Good thing we ran out of hearts!

Then we went to Krispy Kream to get  a heart shaped doughnut.

But I was the only one that got one. Everyone one else wanted the empowerment of choosing for themselves!
Here are a few things that they love about you.....

Hailey: I love my mommy and daddy! Mommy is Mmmm for Megan, daddy is Ba for Bryce.
Danial: I love my mom because she makes the stuff I like, and because we are best friends and we sit on the couch and take a nap.
Slade: I love her so much and her starts with "D" and Gary starts with "G" and my daddy starts with "I". And my mommy buys me toys everyday. And hers has a broken leg.

I just have to take a minute and express how much I truly LOVE your children. They make me smile and laugh every single day! I will never tire of all the random hugs and wet kisses I get from them. Having them in my life allows me to feel young and spontaneous. They teach me simplicity, playfulness, unselfishness, and charity.
They are so precious! I consider myself blessed!